Posted by: E.G. Owens | October 23, 2008


Have you ever thought about why this country is changing for the worst?

Thanks to the liberal left lost sheep who refuse to listen to anyone that disagrees with them, and wants to punish or prosecute anyone who does, the America as we once knew it is fading away into history. Political correctness and liberalism has destroyed the very fabric of this nation. Political correctness when properly translated actually means “political cowardliness”.

Those politicians responsible for putting our country into such debt are in fact cowards that are above the law and cannot be prosecuted. Much like liberals. It must be nice to be the cause of a national financial melt down and cause many companies to lay off good workers because they can no longer afford to pay them and get away with it.

If anyone of the rest of us non politicians caused our employers to loose billions we would be immediately fired and would not receive any unemployment benefits or any other of any kind.

The lack of immigration control over the last 100 or so years in combination with more recent events such as allowing a very junior senator with less then a years worth of experience to run for president, and not, even do a background check to reveal how he allied himself with a well known and well documented domestic terrorist, whose wife was only recently proud to be an American who’s mother was married more then once, who was spoon fed his entire life, whose background will not be challenged by the liberal media, who refuses to salute the American flag or swear into the senate on the Christian Bible, who is an admitted Muslim, who has admitted that he wants to ban hand guns or bullets, who supports the idea of socialism and wants to punish those of us who work hard for our money by giving it away to those who have not earned it, who somehow magically didn’t hear a single anti-American word spoken in his church for 20 years, who is (well documented) committing fraud against the American voters, who is simply walking right into the highest seat in our government without anyone questioning his background or connections, who will in fact be tested during his first six months in office, will result in Americans loosing more of their civil liberties and rights. Turning America into Obamerica.

Obama sticker

Obama sticker

In the land of Political Cowardess, this Obama sticker is a timeless classic that will earn you lectures long after the 2008 election is over. Those lectures will be in English, incidentally – after all, the people we’re insulting can’t read our sticker.  And therein lies the secret beauty.

The true Americans and patriots of this country who actually have backbone and don’t give a rip about being PC will be ready when our country needs us. Just as we did 230 years ago.

There is more evidence and facts to numerous to list. Liberals denying facts does not make liberals right and everyone else wrong. Denying well known and well documented facts just makes you look stupid. The difference between a liberal and a conservative is conservatives (at least most) don’t use violence, threats and intimidation to solve their differences and problems. Conservatives don’t threaten those who disagree with them.

To deny these facts is to fly in the face of all evidence!


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