Posted by: E.G. Owens | October 28, 2008

America the idea!

This is what this country needs more of. I realize it has a Catholic theme but had they made it without making it look like a catholic theme it would have help rally the American spirit in all of us which has died in most of us. Except for the true patriots in this nation. Those of us who believe in the idea of America. Americans are afraid to fight. You have lost the desire. You have stopped believing in yourselves and in America and what it stands for.

Jimmie Doolittle once said “there is nothing stronger then a volunteer”. He said this while on board the USS Hornet in March of 1942 sailing toward Japan for the first air strike after Pearl Harbor.

Our flag was paid for by the blood of Americans. NOT by the liberals. Not by illegal aliens. It was American Marines who planted the flag at Iowa Jima.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of surrender:

a: To yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand
b: to give up completely or agree to forgo especially in favor of another.

We encourage all of you to watch this. We got this link from the word press site and we really love it. Ignore the theme and see the light through the trees and see the real message in it.

It was once said that “you are in control, until or unless, you give up that control”.

America, stay the course, hold the line, stay with her, fight for her, defend her against all enemies foreign “and” domestic. Fight to preserve what she was founded upon. America is crying out for us to save her. We have a “CHOICE”. If we choose wisely then America can be saved from the disease of liberalism that destroyed Ancient Rome. No that is not an opinion. It is historical fact. Don’t believe it. We don’t care. Do your homework. We did and still do.

S T A Y  W I T H  H E R,  H O L D  T H E  L I N E.



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